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 There has been a church on the site since the year 1100 but no records before 1313 are available.


In 1313, William de Measdone was instituted, presented by Sir Hugh deVere.

1319, Thomas de Castel-Godric, by Adom. De Valentia Earl of Pembroke.

1323, Adam de Mounts, ditto.

1333, Alexander de SYNTON, by Mary de St Paul Countess of Pembroke.

1334, Adam de Waynflet, ditto.

1334, Peter de Baldeswell

1357, Mr Thomas Gryffyn, on an exchange for a canonary in the church of Southwell, ditto.

1362, John Tarzim, by Countess of Pembroke.

1373, Mr John de Tinnemouth, ditto.

1375, Richard de Walsham, ditto.

1400, John de Welington, by Sir John Scroop, and Elizabeth Huge de Mitford, and William de Norton.

1419, John Buckden, by Hugh Holt etc.

1420, William Redere, by Richard Holt etc.

1435, John Smyth, by Peter Shelton and Edward Hunte.

1461, Mr Robert Ippeswell LL.B, ditto.

1467, William Mustarder, ditto.

1493, Mr John Wardall, S.T.B., by George Grey? Earl of Kent.

1493, Richard Wright, ditto.

15--, Adam Osee.

1529, Ralph Kemp (resigned).

1532, Richard Kenworthy (died).

1538, Maurice Johns.

1541, John Rows.

1543, William Fernlev.

15--, William Canvas (deprived).

1554, William Smyth (resigned).

1556, Edmund Fuller (died).

1559, Humphrey Younger (died 1576).

1576, John Simons.

1579, Gregory Grange, presented by Mrs J Allington from 1603.

1605, William Newport (died 1614). The last two Rectors also held Foxley.

1614, William Jones.

1616, Edward Franklin, by Sir Edward Coke.

1629, Samuel Powel.

1632, Edward Franklin.

1642, Thomas Cadiwold.

1646, William Wells.

16--, Thomas Brooms (resigned).

1676, John Harris M.A. (resigned).

1683, Robert Monsey M.A. (deprived).

1692, Edmond Ivory, presented by Alexander Pitfield.

1721, Robert Barron (or Burrow), presented by Edward Loombe Esq.

1774, Thomas Beckwith M.A., by Mary Hase.

1807, John Corbould, by Sir John Lombe, Bart.

1810, Philip Duval Aufrere, ditto.

1851, Ferdinand Alfred Pynsent, by the Rev H Evans-Loombe.

1894, Matthew Bower M.A., ditto.

1913, E Allinson Osborne M.A.

1927, Fred Williams, B.A.

1931, Canon Handel Llewellyn.

1937, John A Davies.

1940, Robert Whaites (in charge).

1944, Heywood Gerard Benson Folland B.A.

1976, Horace Lyle Hume Townsend M.A. (Bawdeswell & Foxley).

1979, Robin Brookes (Bawdeswell, Foxley & Radio Norfolk).

1983, Graham Humphreys (ditto).

1996, Alan Cunnington (Bawdeswell, Foxley, Sparham, Belaugh, Elsing & Lyng).

2003, David N Head (Bawdeswell, Foxley, Sparham, Belaugh, Elsing & Lyng).

2017, Sally Kimmis (Bawdeswell, Billingfotd, Bintree,Foulsham, Foxley, Guestwick, Guist, North Elmham, Stibbard, Themelthorpe, Twyfortd, Wood Norton, Worthing).