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Through Bawdeswell runs an important Roman road. 


It ran from Durobrivae  near Peterborough, across the Fen Causeway to Denver, followed Fincham Drove and crossed Peddar's Way between Castle Acre and Swaffham, thence towards North Elmham and Billingford, to Bawdeswell and Jordans Green, and on to Smallburgh
It was a major East-West route and possibly continued to Caister or an important port since eroded by the sea. 


Where the road leaves Bawdeswell it is known as Common Lane - it ran across the former Bawdeswell  Common.  This section is particularly fine and the road is built  on an agger as it approaches  the valley.


        A Roman agger  

At Billingford it turned South for a short while where it crossed the River Wensum on a Roman timber bridge,  and nearby two Roman helmets have been dredged from the river.  (They are decorated with sea dragons, eagle's head and snakes on one, and Mars, Victory and Medusa on the visor mask of the other.) 


The Romans built their roads in straight lines, keeping to high ground wherever possible 

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References: Norfolk Origins - 2 Roads & Tracks by Bruce Robinson and Edwin J Rose  Also from East Anglia by RR Clarke 
Illustrations: Susan White and Denise Derbyshire   Map:Adapted from one by RR Clarke.