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Norwich to Fakenham Turnpike Road 1823

For a long time the condition of the country's roads and tracks was very poor.
Improvements had to be made, and in 1663 there was an important Highway Act.  It provided for the repair of highways within a few of the country's counties and the introduction of tolls.
By about 1700 seven Turnpike Trusts had been created. The Wymondham to Attleborough Turnpike was one of the earliest and opened in 1695.  It wasn't until 1823 that the Norwich to Fakenham Turnpike came into being.

The toll system was always unpopular and a constant challenge to travelers determined to avoid paying dues. By 1936 the Ministry of Transport had taken over responsibility and few toll roads remained.

Norfolk possessed a number of tollhouses and a small number remain, one of those being on the Norwich Road in Bawdeswell.

The Turnpike Trusts reintroduced milestones, the first since the days of the Romans.  Some were stone and others cast metal - as the one at Bawdeswell - still there today on the Fakenham  Road  near the school.....