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Curriculum Vitae Aug 2012


I retired as Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn in 2004, a post which I held for 30 years, and from private practice at the Sandringham Hospital in 2009.

Since then I have been involved as a Governor of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation Trust, a Trustee of the Yorke (musical) Trust and with family and private flying activities.†††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††



MBChB Edinburgh




FRCOG (M 1970)


FRCS†††††††† Edin



Clinical Practice††

In Gynaecology I had a special interest in Colposcopy and Vaginal Surgery, while in Obstetrics I was involved in intrapartum care and pain relief in childbirth.

There has been a continuum of change and development in Obstetrics and Gynaecology within the Kings Lynn & Wisbech Hospitals NHS Trust which I was in a key position to influence in response to service needs. As Clinician Manager 1992-7, I was responsible for a budget of £5m and we were one of the few Directorates to come out with a small surplus


††† In the 1970's I pioneered epidurals in obstetrics and regional blocks for Caesarean sections and at the same time

introduced continuous electronic fetal monitoring in Kings Lynn.I provided the leadership to initiate and set up the epidural service in Obstetrics ahead of other hospitals in East Anglia and I published two landmark papers in international peer reviewed journals about multi-disciplinary team working in this field.The epidural service in the QE Maternity Department is now second to none.


†† In the 1980's I introduced vaginal hysterectomy without prolapse and started the colposcopy service.I initiated laser

surgery in gynaecology at the QE Hospital.


†† I was lead Clinician for the Colposcopy service, which I set up with links to Cambridge and the Regional cancer service.

I was accredited by the BSCCP as a trainer.I was involved in putting arrangements in place to comply with the audit requirements, which were needed with the introduction of clinical governance.


†† In the 1990ís I developed the infertility service to the point of carrying out the first Gamete Intra-Fallope Transfer (GIFT)

procedure at the QE.I was influential in the development of this service before appointing a consultant gynaecologist with a special interest and background in infertility work.


†† More recently I introduced outpatient clinics for hysterosocopy and medical termination of pregnancy and become lead

clinician for antenatal fetal diagnosis and amniocentesis.




Innovation and Service Development††

I was in the vanguard in introducing outpatient and Day Case surgery in gynaecology anticipating the opening of a Day Surgery Unit.This stemmed from my interest in carrying out procedures under local or regional anaesthesia.


†† In advocating vaginal hysterectomy I performed 80% of hysterectomies vaginally the National figure is 20%. The Queen

Elizabeth Hospital became a Regional Centre for vaginal hysterectomy.

†† I introduced portable ultrasound to gynaecology and obstetrics in my hospital.I obtained portable scanners with a

public appeal for funds with the help of the Friends of the Hospital. This reduced delays, satisfied patient expectations

and shortened hospital inpatient stays.


†† †† In Obstetrics I advocated Community midwifery teams to provide a service to pregnant mothers which was second to

none provided the continuity of care they desired.


†† †† Ipersonally wrote the Obstetric and Gynaecology Operational Polices for the Department and encouraged colleagues

to update these.


†† †† I set up outpatient hysteroscopy clinics benefiting patients and reducing waiting times.


†† †† Through my work in the Maternity Liason Committee I got to know and was respected by the local GPís with whom I

had a good working relationship.At one time I had the largest rate of GP referrals within the Gynaecology Department

and the shortest waiting time for an appointment (GP Bulletin).This was achieved by reviewing all the referral letters,

making direct access to theatre lists possible and by teamwork and subspecialty clinics.


†† †† Urgent Access Gynaecology: when clinics were full, and a GP wanted a patient seen quickly, I encourage the GP to

send the patient as a ward attender to be seen after a ward round.


†† †† Urgent Access Gynaecology: when clinics were full, and a GP wanted a patient seen quickly, I encourage the GP to

send the patient as a ward attender to be seen after a ward round.


†† †† I advocated direct access to the Gynaecology ward so that patients would not have to wait in the Accident &

Emergency Department.


†† †† I encouraged the practice of Evidence Based Medicine by making theCochrane database accessible in the Delivery





I have published several papers in Peer reviewed journals during my appointment as Consultant. The following have contributed to progress in providing safe pain relief services in District Hospitals:

1.Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring during Caesarean Section. BJOG 1977 84 281-284

2. Lumber Epidural Analgesia in Labour, a 24-Hour Service Provided by Obstetricians. BMJ 1977 2 370-372

3.Lumber Epidural Analgesia. O & G Survey 1978 33/3 153-154

4.Caesarean Section with Regional Anaesthesia using an Extendable Epidural Block. International Journal of G & O 1979 16 385-387

5.An IntegratedPain relief Service for Labour-Co-operation between Obstetricians, Anaesthetists and Midwives.Anaesthesia 1980 35 510-513

I have made several technical films.

The following demonstrated a better way of doing hysterectomies:

Vaginal hysterectomy 1999 Film for East Anglian Obstetric and Gynaecological Society updated with paper in 2004 for the University of Malta.     





1992-97 Clinician Manager Obstetric & Gynaecology Directorate

1992-97 Trust Executive Board

1992-97 Medical Advisory Committee



I was in a position to lead the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at a time of profound change in the way we worked. There was a trend towards subspecialisation and more specialist clinics.I introduced a dedicated Obstetric Theatre and set the tone for updating the delivery suite. I was involved in Trust planning activities and re-configuration of services in my specialty with the introduction of new technology and work patterns.In anticipation of the requirements of clinical governance I set up new audit arrangements.


Other Committee membership


1992-97 Chairman Maternity Liaison Committee.This has involved advising GP's and re-organisation of the local maternity services in line with Changing Childbirth and the Cumberlidge report.

Transfusion Committee

Drug & Therapeutics Committee

Theatre Users Committee†††††



Wider NHS Contribution


††Chairman of Regional Advisory Committee in Obstetrics & Gynaecology (Anglia) 1995-99.


†† Assessor for BMA on Complaints Procedures from 1990-2004


†† Honorary Secretary to the East Anglian Obstetric & Gynaecological Society from 1996-2000


†† NWAHA Cervical Screening Multidisciplinary Group 1997-2004


†† Service on Calman Cancer Project Committee 1996-8


†† RCOG Expert Witness list 1999-2004


†† RCOGHospital Recognition Committee 2000-2003




Undergraduates: clinical tutor, Hammersmith Hospital London and Cambridge students at the QEH.

Junior doctors: tutorials and departmental educational talks, preparation for DRCOG and MRCOG.

Accident and Emergency staff lecture on gynaecological emergency admissions.

Midwives: for many years I was a midwifery lecturer and an examiner of the Central Midwives Board.

Invitation lectures: National Osteoporosis Society, GP forum.

Special Departmental lectures: episiotomy and vaginal repair, HRT

Colposcopy: I was accredited as a trainer by the BSSCP and have taught colposcopy to junior staff and GP's for many years.

Vaginal surgery: I had many visiting doctors from other Centres who have come to learn how to do vaginal repairs and hysterectomies.



Recreational activities

I am a keen aviator and a sailor. I have a private pilotís license with an Instrument Rating and have flown extensively in Europe and also in New Zealand. I am at present the Tribe Chief of the European Tribe of the International Comanche Society.I have an international sailing qualification and have chartered world wide. I belong to a Scottish Country Dancing club and occasionally paint in water colours. I am a member of our local Parochial Church Council.