MINORCA (Menorca)  -  Balearic Islands, Spain


MINORCA the second largest of the Balearic Islands in the Western Mediterranean has an individuality and history all of its own.

The author lived in Minorca  when this book was first published (1975) by David & Charles Publishers as one of their Islands series.  It has been out of print for many years and has also disappeared off the shelves of public libraries.

Extremely well researched, it covered the island's history and its peoples, with anecdotes from the former British occupations and  chapters on its important archaeological treasures. 
A comprehensive Bibliography listing the whole range of the author's sources gave authority to its contents.

The book came right up to modern times.
Appendices listed all the bird species to be found on the island  and also a wealth of useful information for tourists and residents. 

David Taylor's book Minorca has not been equalled by the many popular guide books written since.  It has therefore been completely updated  by a member of his family and produced as an e-book to add to the information available  on the Internet about Minorca .

David Taylor's light narrative style makes for easy and fascinating reading.



An e-book  entitled


by David Wilson Taylor

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But you can read an excerpt from each chapter here.

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Editor's Note
In this new edition (2004), specially composed for the Internet, where there has been any out of date information in the book it has been updated or deleted.  Every effort to be accurate has been made and also to contact copyright holders.  If any have been inadvertently overlooked, restitution will be made at the earliest opportunity.
Corrections, additions and any comments would be welcomed. 
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